Window Films, Anti-Graffiti Films, Glass Guard, Glass Scratch Removal in Southern California.

The Restored Glass Co.The Restored Glass Co. Is a window and glass film installation company based out of Los Angeles County and serving Southern California.  We specialize in residential and commercial glass enhancements, scratch repairs and window film installations for homes, office buildings and any type of glass windows throughout Southern California.

From the installation of durable money saving anti-graffiti films to custom window tinting of large commercial windows to improving privacy with the installation of privacy frost.

Our team of glass technicians will be able to offer solutions to your glass problems.  Too much sun? Too much vandalism? Air conditioning bills too high? Not enough privacy?  There are products and services we offer to solve all of these problems with the glass in your home or building.

The Restored Glass Co. provides services to private homeowners, Government buildings and facilities and Commercial buildings including offices, retail storefronts, restaurants, dealerships and more.

If you'd like to receive an estimate to install window films on your windows please call (310) 699-9691 our fill out our online contact form and we'll get right back to you.

Mike Delnero Owner of Restored Glass Co.

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What Our Customers Say…

I've got all my windows tinted at home, as I don't have any trees for shade and they did a fantastic job!!! I have more privacy and my home is a whole lot cooler!!! I love it. The work was completed fast and with exceptional precision. Thank you!

Rose B. Los Angeles County Window Tint

Anti-Graffiti and Anti-Scratch Glass Film Installations in Los Angeles County, CA.

Anit Graffiti Glass and Window Film Installers.Glass graffiti and vandalism costs California business owners millions of dollars per year in replacement and repair costs.  When glass is broken or severely damaged by vandals it can bring your business to a standstill.  It's a safety hazard and it detracts from the appearance of your establishment or facility.  Sometimes the graffiti is offensive and you need a solution to remove it quickly, without hassle.

The Restored Glass Co. specializes in the installation of anti-graffiti and anti-scratch glass and window films for local businesses and other commercial property owners who want to protect their glass.  With a window film, the next time a vandal scratches up your glass the film can simply be peeled away for a scratch free surface without having to replace very expensive panes of glass.

If your glass has been damaged by vandals with scratches or graffiti please contact us (310)-699-9691 for a free estimate on protecting your glass and windows.

Glass Protection and Restoration Services in Los Angeles County, CA.

If Your Glass Is Scratched We Can Likely Save You Money!

The Restored Glass Co. can help!  When your glass has been damaged by vandalism or criminal activity it can be very costly to replace an entire window!  Before you replace the glass give us a call!

Saved $325 Over Replacement

"Oh my, I can’t believe it, it looks great, thanks guys!”   Enda K. in Venice, CA

Saved $700+ Over Replacement

"It really came out great, thank you.” Jenn, Floral Art LA.

Saved $1000+ Over Replacement

"Wow, it looks great, like brand new.”  Rick H. of TubsFineChili.

Saved $425+ Over Replacement

"We were told we would have to replace  the window. Amazing, like the scratches were never there!”

Window Tint & Window Film Installation For Commercial Buildings In Los Angeles County, CA.

Solar Gard Window Film InstallationsWindow tints and films offer a variety of safety and comfort benefits for business and commercial building owners in Southern California.  From protecting your merchandise from harmful UV rays to helping reduce your energy consumption or even protecting your employees and customers should the glass every break, there is a window film for your application. 

The Restored Glass Co. specializes in the installation of window films and window tints.  We have window films to protect against UV rays, we have window films to improve privacy such as window tinting or window frosting and a variety of other benefits.

If you would like to transform your glass into high performance glass with a window film application please contact us (310)-699-9691 for a free estimate.

Why Would You Choose Restored Glass?

When you choose to work with the professionals at Restored Glass you are partnering with a team of Glass and Window experts who specialize in getting better performance out of your building.

We show up when we say we will, we offer competitive pricing and our attention to detail is unmatched.

You'll have the peace of mind knowing that your windows will be taken care of properly, your installation will be clean, safe and proper and any future service is only a quick phone call away.