More Than Window Film…Window Art

This was a very exciting project to work on.  As the owner of Restored Glass we not only love what we do but we also love showing people what window film can do.  Decorative window films have come so far over the years. On this project our client had a beautiful Down Town Los Angeles Loft space with a “not-so-perfect” view. He wanted to do something unique and creative.

The project consisted of two layers of film.  First we installed a light opec “frost” film which still lets in lots of light but keeps the view private.  Then we articulated different color films over the frost to create a ONE-OF-A-KIND look.  As you can see from the photos when the light shines in the colors transform the whole room.  This brings not only an special look to room but also an artistic element as well.

If your interested in what creative aspects window film can bring to your glass at home or office contact me directly for a free consultation  I’d be happy to hear from you and your ideas. – Mike Delnero. -CEO 310-699-9691

Down Town Loft 1


Down Town Loft 2


Down Town Loft 4

Down Town Loft 6

Down Town Loft 7

Down Town Loft 8

Down Town Loft 9

Down Town Loft 10

Down Town Loft 11

Down Town Loft 12