Hollywood 12 Window Graffiti Repair

The King King Entertainment Venue in Down Town Hollywood had been subject to some pretty severe graffiti damage to their glass.  After seeking out a solution the only answer they were getting was they had to replace the glass.  Once they contacted The Restored Glass Company they had doubts.  Restrored Glass assured them the glass could be saved and at a fraction of the cost of replacing the glass. The King King made a great choice by selecting Restored Glass as their contractor and not only did they save over $3,000 versus replacement they also protected their glass from future vandalism when Restored Glass installed the best Anti-Graffiti Film.

If you’ve been told by other glass companies your graffiti’d glass can’t be saved just take a look at the photos and then call The Restored Glass Company. Not only will you be pleased with the results y0u’ll be even more pleased with the money you saved.