Did You Know? The Department of Energy estimates that commercial and residential buildings consume 40 percent of our nation’s energy. Most of this energy is used for heating and cooling, but much of it is wasted because of leaky walls and windows.

Restored Glass is highly experienced in residential window tinting applications.  Tinting the windows on your home can block up to 80% of the solar energy from the sun.  When tint has been properly applied to your windows you will immediately reduce your energy costs related to cooling your home.

Because ALL the tint we install also blocks out 99% of the suns damaging UV rays, the film will help prevent any UV damage to the interior items in your home such as carpet, furniture and blinds.

There are a wide variety of residential window films and tints available and Restored Glass would be happy to walk you through selecting the proper window tint for your needs and application.  Our expert installation staff can make sure the project is completed professionally.


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