Window Tint and Film Installation Valencia CA

Window Tints and Window Films Valencia CA
We specialize in window film applications for security and visual appeal.

Window films are an essential part of modern decorating and functionality for any home or building.  Window coverings work to provide shade and light control, keep out harmful UV rays and create a more comfortable atmosphere.

Restored Glass is a full service window film contractor serving the Valencia area.  We specialize in the sales and installations of a wide variety of window tints and anti-graffiti films for both residential and commercial clients.

From installing new anti-graffiti film on the exterior of your building to installing some beautiful, decorative window films in your office, the team at Restored Glass can tackle any size window covering project.

Window Tints and Films We Offer in Valencia

Window Films and Tints For Commercial Buildings

Commercial Window Coverings Southern CaliforniaNew construction?  Redecorating your commercial space?  Want to reduce operating expenses?  Window films offer a wealth of options for the commercial building owner looking to improve the look and function of their building.

Restored Glass specializes in the sales and installation of window films for commercial applications throughout Valencia.  Our skilled technicians are very familiar with working safely in a commercial setting and we can work around your schedule to minimize downtime or inconvenience to customers and employees.  Our attention to detail and superior installation quality is the reason we are one of the most trusted window treatment companies in Southern California.

Decorative Window Films Valencia

Decorative window films are an excellent way to dress up your windows with beautiful looks and functionality.  Window films can provide solar protection and even provide safety benefits should the glass ever be broken.  From the frosted privacy window look to specific designs, patterns and transparencies there are decorative window films to meet any requirement.

Anti Graffiti and Security Window Films Valencia

ag filmGraffiti or scratches on glass windows and mirrors is an incredibly expensive problem for many building owners.  Anti Graffiti window films offer a layer of protection over your glass that can quickly be “peeled off” in the event that the window is vandalised.  The window film absorbing the scratches and graffiti is simply peeled away revealing a clean, blemish free glass surface below.  A new layer of window film can be installed for a fraction of the cost of a new window or a mirror.

Security window films add strength to the window or mirror and make it extremely hard to break.  With a security film your window glass will be held together in the event of someone trying to break and enter into your building or even from a natural occurrence such as an earthquake.

Why Choose Restored Glass For Window Film Installation in Valencia?

When you choose to work with the professionals at Restored Glass you are partnering with a team of window experts who specialize in window treatments such as the installation of window coverings and the application of window films.  You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your window treatments will be installed properly and will enhance the beauty and function of your home or building.

If you’d like to receive an estimate to haveWindow Films installed into your home or building please give us a call or fill out the contact form and we’ll get back to you right away to schedule your consultation.