Privacy Frost on Glass

Want Decorative Privacy For Your Windows?
We specialize in privacy frost for windows of all sizes.

Adding a glass frosting film is a visually appealing way to gain additional privacy out of the glass windows in your home, office or commercial building.  Typically frosted glass would be ordered directly from a window manufacturer but thanks to technology we can now apply special films to your glass windows to achieve the same frosted effect.  It’s less expensive than replacing the glass, it’s durable and it looks fantastic.

Restored Glass is a southern California based glass window film installation company.  We specialize in the installation and application of privacy frosting for all types of glass windows in both residential or commercial settings.  We have a large selection of window frosting films with varying transparencies and blur effects to achieve the look and level of privacy you desire.  We also offer decorative window frosting film with different designs and patterns as well if you’d like a designer look.

Privacy Frosting Film Installations

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Why Choose Restored Glass To Install Your Glass Privacy Frosting Film?

When you choose to work with the professionals at Restored Glass you are partnering with a team of Glass Experts who specialize in the enhancements of glass, window treatments, anti-graffiti films and more.  You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your windows will have the privacy frosting installed correctly and service is only a phone call away.