More Than Window Film…Window Art

This was a very exciting project to work on.  As the owner of Restored Glass we not only love what we do but we also love showing people what window film can do.  Decorative window films have come so far over the years. On this project our client had a beautiful Down Town Los Angeles Loft space with a "not-so-perfect" view. He wanted to do … [Read more...]

Beverly Hills, Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts

The Restored Glass Co. was honored to be apart of such a great cause and an amazing project. The architect wasn't excited about installing anti-graffiti film over such a unique glass enclosed elevator shaft but realized the necessity considering what the film was protecting.  The Restored Glass Co. was called in because the film had to be installed … [Read more...]

Hollywood 12 Window Graffiti Repair

The King King Entertainment Venue in Down Town Hollywood had been subject to some pretty severe graffiti damage to their glass.  After seeking out a solution the only answer they were getting was they had to replace the glass.  Once they contacted The Restored Glass Company they had doubts.  Restrored Glass assured them the glass could be saved and … [Read more...]

City Hall of Ontario

Ontario City Hall, City of Ontario CA.Ontario welcomed and newly remodeled City Hall and wanted to protect the glass from expensive vandalism.  Restored Glass was called in to install the BEST Anti-Graffiti Film on over 285 windows.  It was important to the City to get professional installation by a licensed contractor and still come in on budget. … [Read more...]

The Plaza – Scratched Glass Repair

The Restored Glass Co. was hired to restore over 25 windows at the Plaza that had been graffiti'd or scratched.  Restored Glass was able to restore the windows back to their original luster.  Not only did Restored Glass save their customer over $8,500 over the cost of replacement, they also were able to keep over 1,000 sq ft of glass out of … [Read more...]

Cafe Crepes – Window Tinting Project

The Cafe was losing business in front of their windows because of the Sun’s glare and heat.  They wanted something that could reduce the heat & glare but still allow customers to clearly see in and out. Restored Glass, INC. installed an Advanced Window Tint that blocks 60% of the Sun’s solar energy  and reduced the glare by over 50% and was … [Read more...]

Nordstrom Santa Monica Place – Glass Surface Protection

Nordstrom Santa Monica Place We were contacted by Nordstrom because they had 50 high resolution glass display panes that were scratched and vandalized.  Rather than face the high cost of window replacement, they contacted The Restored Glass Co. to come and take a look. Problem: 50 scratched high resolution glass display panes. Need for … [Read more...]